Vitamine Salad

Four servings. Cooking time: 15 minutes.


  • 1 lettuce
  • Chopped arugula, parsley, coriander
  • 1 mandarin
  • ½ orange
  • 1 handful of deseeded pomegranate
  • 1 handful of curd cheese
  • 1 handful of crushed walnut
  • 10 beet crisps
  • Dressing: 2 slices of lemon, 2 sprigs of dill, 1 handful of sesame and black cumin.
  • Sauce: Olive oil, lemon and salt mixture


1. Chop one washed lettuce two inches thick. Add the arugula, parsley and coriander that you have plucked with your hand corpulently and place them in the salad bowl.

2. Pour the sauce on and mix the greens without squashing them.

3. Add mandarin, orange, pomegranate, curd cheese, walnut and beet slices that you have previously fried.

4. To dress your plate, sprinkle black cumin and sesame seeds first and place the dill on the side of your salad plate between the two slices of lemon.

Bon appetite!

The secret of the world-famous Turkish cuisine comes from natural vegetables and fruits that feed on the Mediterranean sun. Use Turkish fresh fruits and vegetables to add magic to your table.

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