The pomegranate has symbolized wealth and abundance for many cultures throughout the ages... The Turkish pomegranate, which gets its flavor from the Mediterranean sun, adorns our tables as one of the most attractive foods in the autumn months with its gorgeous look and refreshing flavor. This miraculous fruit has high antioxidant, fiber, and vitamin C content, and is known to play an active role in preventing cancer and heart disease. The rest is up to you, drink its water, or color your salad.

Nutrition Facts

A medium-sized (282 g)

C 28.8 mg
K 46.2 mcg
E 11,7 mg
B1 0.2 mg
Potassium 666 mg
Magnesium 34 mg
Fiber 113 mg
Protein 47 mg

* The Pomegranate contains many compounds necessary for human health. The table above shows only widely known and prominent content.

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Pomegranate juice against hair loss!

Rub a glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice into your hair roots by mixing it with half a tea cup of olive oil. You must wait 45 minutes to wash it off. Apply this cure once or twice a week. The ingredients in pomegranate juice have a vitalization effect on your hair and skin cells.

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Sea Bass with Pomegranate

A practical Sea Bass with Pomegranate recipe for delicious tables. Look how it’s done...

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