Black Fig

The fig, which is of great importance both ecologically and culturally from ancient civilizations to the present, is also one of the oldest fruit species grown in the fertile lands of Anatolia. This precious nutrient is consumed as an aid in weight management and has vitamins and minerals, which are known to be beneficial for heart and bone health, thanks to its high fiber content. The Turkish fig, which ranks first in global fig exports, promises to offer your palate elegance with its unique flavor.

Nutrition Facts

Two medium-sized (100 g)

K 4.7 mcg
B6 0.1 mg
Potassium 232 mg
Magnesium 17 mg
Manganese 0,12 mg
Fiber 25 mg

* The Black Fig contains many compounds necessary for human health. The table above shows only widely known and prominent content. inside!

It has benefits in its peel!

Eating the fig by peeling means giving up half the benefits of figs. For a healthier meal, figs should be consumed with their peel. Moreover, when consumed with milk, it helps remove anemia and increases bone density.

...taste inside!

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